International research projects

CASI  - Public participation in developing a common framework for assessment and management of sustainable innovation (1/2014 - 12 / 2016)

FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY project. The project’s main objective will thus be to develop a methodological framework for assessing sustainable innovation and managing multi-disciplinary solutions through wider public engagement in the RTDI system by ensuring the commitment of a broad spectrum of societal stakeholders into its implementation, including industry, policy-makers, research organisations and academia, civil society organisations and the general public. 


NUVOLAK (9 / 2012 - 9 / 2014)

Nuvollak is a Slovenian - Italian cross boarder cooperation programm. The bilingual entrepreneurial internet platform is an upgrade of the successful Slovenian web-based platform MIKROBIZ (  During the time that elapsed between the realization and the successful implementation of the latter, we gathered a lot of experience as well as several ideas, which we would like to implement in the upgraded version of the web-based platform which is now to become bilingual. The main functionalities of the platform will be: a wide knowledge base of entrepreneurial contents in Slovene and Italian adapted to the peculiarities of the area, an interactive guide through the preparing of a business plan as well as a Business Exchange providing cross-border business opportunities and possibilities for networking, clustering and experience-sharing aimed at supporting the cross-border realization of business opportunities.


ClusterPoliSEE - Smarter Cluster Policies for South East Europe (5 /2012 - 10 / 2014)

ClusterPoliSEE  is a South East Europe research program with the main objective to enhance the capacity of regional policy makers to confront, prevent and anticipate change, developing smart specialization strategies for cluster improvement, thus accelerating differentiation and structural change towards a knowledge-based economy in which there is a place for all SEE regions to position themselves. 25 members partnership covers 11 different SEE programme countries (8 EU MSs and 3 IPA) to develop smarter cluster policies supporting territorial cohesion, R&D and open innovation systems in SEE, encouraging transnational cluster cooperation between strong performing regions and weak performing regions both represented.



CEBBIS - Central Europe Branch Based Innovation Supprt; principal partner investigator (1/2011 - 3/2013)

CEBBIS is a network of 11 partners from the Central European region with a common interest in trans-regional, branch based, demand-led solutions to improve technology transfer to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Based on this idea, the network has submitted the project into the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. The goal of the CEBBIS project is to raise SMEs' competitiveness on the international market by offering industry specific innovation support based on new ICT applications.



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