The teaching approach I try to use in most of my courses includes a combination of collaborative learning which emphasizes the balance between theoretical concepts and practical applicability, and individual work. Students mostly work in teams to explore significant and actual questions to create innovative entrepreneurial solutions. The most recent result of research and collaboration with advanced thinking team members, is an Innovation in learning and teaching that we branded:

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The new teaching approach, based on design thinking philosophy and methodology represents an initiative to integrate new ways of education and to use different methods to learn some aspects of innovation process; such as observation, idea generation techniques, idea management, fast prototyping, design, business models, marketing aspects, and consumer needs; known recently as design thinking concept.

INNOVATION SCHOOL is not only a radically different approach to the organization of education, but this approach is inextricably linked with a different approach to research. It can be offered as service/school/course to all interested stakeholders.

INNOVATION SCHOOL is taught on undergraduate and post-graduate level in Slovenian and English language within two courses:

  • Entrepreneurial project (undergraduate)
  • Entrepreneurial idea projection and implementation (post-graduate)


See below promotional videos of past performances:

Innovation School 2011/2012 (Postgraduate) & Innovation School Erazmus students 2012

I-school 2011                     I-school 2012

Innovation School 2012/2012 (Postgraduate)

I-šola 2012/2013


More detailed information about the concept is available on the INNOVATION SCHOOL web page.

Other courses I teach include:

Undergraduate level:

  • Basics of Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial growth
  • International business

Post-graduate level

  • Management of Innovations
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurship

With the aim of knowledge transfer between academic environment and business, dissemination/promotion/commercialization of academic research, and support of cooperation between different stakeholders involved in knowledge creation and dissemination we created INNOVATIVE EXPERIENCE CENTRE.

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